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  • Thorough Sacramento Water Damage Restoration

    With nearly 20 years of experience in property mitigation and restoration, Water Damage Sacramento has the training, experience, and resources necessary to help rescue homes and businesses, regardless of how bad the damage may seem.

    Throughout our years in business, we have garnered a reputation as “the paramedics of property damage” due to our thorough services and careful attention to detail.

    Sacramento Mold Removal Services

    Our comprehensive mold-removal solution includes the following services:

    • Mold remediation
    • Mold and mildew odor removal
    • Cleaning and sanitation
    • Decontamination
    • Professional deodorization

    Water Damage Restoration Services

    Our Sacramento water damage restoration services are as follows:

    • Emergency water extraction
    • Removal and containment of mold and mildew odors
    • Drying and dehumidification
    • Professional carpet cleaning and restoration
    • Carpet and cushion deodorization and stain removal

    Fire Damage Restoration Services

    We customize our fire removal services to fit each customer’s particular needs. Your treatment program may include any or all of the following fire mitigation services:

    • Smoke and odor removal
    • Cleaning and sanitation
    • Professional deodorization
    • Temporary protection
    • Carpet and pad removal

    Time Is of the Essence

    Whenever a natural disaster occurs, time is of the essence. With around-the-clock availability, we will respond to your needs right away, so contact us as soon as possible!

    We will restore your home to its original condition by offering a comprehensive treatment approach, using superior water extraction technology, and keeping your objectives in mind at all times.

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